Kékfrankos rose

The Kékfrankos rosé (Sióagárd - Lányvár vineyard) is the main rosé of the winery.
This wine is always made from the dark-skinned variety of grape of Sióagárd - Lányvár, which vineyard gives its unique fruity flavor.
In the humus-rich soil we grow the grape of the Kékfrankos rosé. In 1996 we began to produce our rosé from Kékfrankos (Blaufränkisch) "unintentionally". At this time this grape variety was a rather neglected variety, and the winemakers were reluctant to deal with it. Since at that time we only had this plant, we thought that we would make wine of we have in our possession. Our customers' highest satisfaction was the result, and the Kékfrankos rozé has become the main product of our winery .

This varietal gives typically acidic, fruity, tannin-rich, spicy rosé and red wines.

The mediterranean atmosphere of the year 2017 is reflected by the brilliant dynamism and harmony of Kékfrankos rosé, which was bottled in March this year.
We organised the harvest with the help of Bence Dúzsi by hand and with great care in the Sióagárd-Lányvár vineyard in October. This is how the flavors of Kékfrankos are shaped, so we strive to harvest the grapes in full maturity. The fermentation was carried out in a very cool steel tank and bottled in early spring. We ensure this way every year the reliable quality that our rosé wines represent.

On nose the elegant exotic fruity fragrances are dominating. On palate the taste notes are citrus fruits: grapefruit, mango, pomelo with fine structure of acidity. The richer alcohol and the higher extract content will retain the freshness of rosé.